Subsoil drainage North Shore

Subsoil drainage North Shore

Subsoil drainage works

Shotcrete North Shore

Suburb: St Ives

Duration: 1 week

Does your house have a garage area or subfloor space that looks similar to this photo?

Does this area experience flood or is always damp and musky after rain?

Let me tell you, that if your answer is YES, then Retaining Wall Constructions has installed drainage and retaining solutions for these situations, which are more common around the Northern Beaches, and North Shore areas than what you may think!

Subfloors (usually garages) within houses are typically built directly on top of clay or soil. Moisture (if you live on a sloping block or a hill) flows through these subfloors, and can really test the waterproofing and drainage of your house.

Most houses can’t cope with the amount of water flow and need to look for an option that both retain soil and retains water (run-off/moisture).


RWC was engaged by a homeowner in St Ives who had been struggling with a flooded garage, and soil being washed away as a result.

Retaining Wall Constructions are experienced in the subfloor drainage improvement as well as having natural expertise in retaining soil and moisture.

We implemented a shotcrete retaining wall system which effectively killed two birds with one stone.

Let me explain….

1/ When installed correctly, shotcrete retaining walls ‘encapsulate’ embankments which are ideal for containing and blocking moisture and water run-off from physically reaching areas such as bedrooms and garages.

2/ As with other similar projects on the North Shore, shotcrete retaining walls effectively stabilise loose soils and embankments (loose embankment shown in this photo of your job).


North Shore Shotcrete Play-By-Play insight into our job:

  • First up, scale away, and remove saturated soils from site. Secondly, re-grading embankments is an underrated, but critical part of the job. It can be the difference between success and more headaches…
  • Installing high capacity subsoil drains is the first structural task. These drains should be designed by an experienced contractor or engineer. Jobs like these are investments, they should be looked in a long term capacity.
  • While it’s great to have new shiny subsoil drains, they also have to dispel the groundwater away from the house into the nearest stormwater or similar outlet. As you can see in the photo, our team has installed vertical drains leading to horizontal drains, which lead to…. The stormwater drain (we’re all drained out now).
  • Now that the drainage works are all taken care of, we’re ready for the shotcrete retaining wall to make all of our drains activate and start doing what they were designed to do!
  • A shotcrete spray that is well prepared, is a high performance retaining technique which is suitable for a large range of under house retaining, and drainage jobs.
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