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Retaining Wall Constructions are experienced designers and installers of shotcrete retaining walls Northern Beaches.


Shotcrete retaining walls comprise a special mix of high strength concrete being sprayed at high velocity using compressed air, to form a retaining structure, drain or a wall.


Shotcrete Northern Beaches is a specialised construction method, but one of the most effective for:

  • Ground stabilisation and retaining of loose soils
  • Rock Stabilisation Northern Beaches and steep sloping regions.
  • Erosion control (great for backyards and underneath houses)
  • Anchored retaining walls and temporary shoring for builders
  • Drainage and water flow control (commonly underneath houses)
  • Imitation rock (coloured and carved shotcrete)


While shotcrete has huge structural and time saving benefits, it is also a high risk form of construction, which is why it is imperative clients only engage a skilled and experienced contractor.

We find the most important element of shotcrete isn’t applying the concrete itself, but the site preparation and planning work which makes for a successful job.

RWC specialise in anchoring, drainage and steel tying for shotcrete (the 3 key preparation elements of shotcrete).

Sydney Shotcrete - a step by step guide


Unstable rock face


Frenchs Forest

When there is no space for a conventional retaining wall, shotcrete is a perfect option.

Step 1

Preparation work for Shotcrete Northern Beaches.

Our team install steel reinforcement specifically for the requirements of shotcrete

Step 2

Shotcrete retaining wall Northern Beaches

Our steel work is always secure and drainage installed correctly.

Finished Spray

Coloured and trowelled shotcrete wall Northern Beaches

Here is an example of a neat, structural shotcrete wall that was professionally completed by RWC in 5 working days.




North Shore

RWC use shotcrete as an economical way to stabilise loose and damp embankments underneath houses, as well as re-diverting water flow away from the house using shotcrete drains as you can see in this picture (left hand side).
Remember- no access or area is too tight for us to work in!


Shotcrete/ concrete underpinning


Northern Beaches

We can improve the stability and extend the life of existing old walls by spraying a concrete underpin to strengthen foundations as can be seen here to this old brick retaining wall. The concrete is coloured brown to match the rock shelf below.

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