Rock bolting Newport

Rock bolting Newport

Rock bolting Northern Beaches
Suburb: Newport
Duration: 2 days

Rock stabilisation in the North Shore and Northern Beaches areas is frequently required, due to the many hills, cliffs and rocky geology of most suburbs. Rock bolt installation, like our job here in Newport, is the preferred method of ‘tying back’ and retaining rock boulders.
Geotechnical engineers typically recommend rock bolting when there is a risk of boulder movement or instability of boulders on a cliff face or rocky backyard outcrop.

Natural influences such as pouring rain and tree roots are common causes of rock fall that we’ve experienced within residential backyards (and front yards). Retaining Wall Constructions installed 4 rock bolts to this backyard in Newport over a total of 2 working days. The rock bolt installation was overseen, and approved by a Northern Beaches Geotechnical Engineer, experienced in rock bolt design and installation.

Rock stabilisation Northern Beaches is one of Retaining Wall Constructions’ most commonly rendered services.

Our specialised rock drilling equipment is designed to drill long distances both horizontally and vertically through hard rock. Low vibration rock drilling options are also available to us, where rockfall is possible.

Our experience on rock bolting and ground anchoring is founded on years of installing rock stabilisation measures, our geotechnical background, as well as local working knowledge of Sydney rock formations and geology through countless past projects.

For rock bolting options and advice, contact Retaining Wall Constructions through our website’s ‘Contact’ Page.

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