Concrete retaining block wall Warriewood Beach

Concrete retaining block wall Warriewood Beach

Concrete block retaining walls Northern Beaches
Suburb: Warriewood Beach
Duration: 6 weeks

The RWC team have kicked off 2018 with a ‘complete package’ job at sunny Warriewood Beach, opposite the beach cafés.

We were tasked with the bulk excavation, reinforced concrete footings and slabs, as well as the retaining wall construction. A garage will be later constructed in front of our block retaining walls.

We had this job certified by a Northern Beaches retaining wall engineering firm, to ensure our client got not only a quality job but also a job that complied with Council regulations.

The first step was the excavation of the current embankment to free up the maximum amount of backyard space.

Being a structural retaining wall, our team spent the next stage of the job installing steel reinforcement exactly to the engineering specifications. While the steel would eventually be covered by concrete, and no longer seen, this is the most critical stage (commonly overlooked) in retaining wall building and is the major difference between retaining walls that perform long term, and lesser quality imitations.

We are known for doing all aspects of the job ourselves, which means we have no need to outsource. The same team who started the job is now ready to do what we do best, and lay the Besser block retaining wall!

Besser block retaining walls are widely accepted as the best performing retaining wall type in a residential setting.

Built correctly, the materials have an unmatched lifespan, meaning homeowners can move on, and focus on something else, rather than think one day they may have to revisit ‘that old retaining wall’ again.

At RWC, we pride ourselves on quality construction as well as a constant pace of work. Unnecessary rushing doesn’t exist in our workplace.

As we have done here, we’ve laid the 1000 Besser blocks in Warriewood, which has taken from Monday- Friday.

The client is happy, the structural retaining wall engineer is satisfied, and the retaining job has been completed as per quote and within our given timeframe.

The RWC team is just getting warmed up, and ready to move onto our next retaining wall in Newport.

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